Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Wake up and take a shower. While I am showering, I will take 1 minute to clean the toilet floor & toilet bowl and wipe the sink. Don’t worry; 1 minute is more than enough to clean all of them as I do it every day. It is nice as my toilet will look clean everyday and I don’t have to spare my time just to clean the toilet. After that I will get dress and hang my towel of course and make a bed. I will then prepare some breakfast, wake up my children for school and have them shower and get them dress.


I left home. Send Amni to nursery and Amin & Alya to school. My working hour is from 8:30am till 5:30pm and normally I will reach home around 6:15pm every day.

Cooking and have a dinner. Load my laundry. Then clean all the dishes. Wipe my KC counter. Mop the floor. Hang my laundry to dry them. Prepare nursery and school bag for tomorrow.  Then I fold clothes while watching TV. Now I am tired already. It’s time to sleep. I make a cup of milk for each my children and bring them to sleep after drink

Monday, 6 October 2014


  1. Have a specific place for each item... we must create a place for each item...ie place to keep our umbrella, laptop bag, shoe, nursery bag, school bag and toys... We can't blame our kid should they fail to organize if we couldn't create the space for them to put away their stuff..
  2. Hook.... to hang my car & house key and also my scarf
  3. Storage box... Sometimes the are a few item that we can't get rid of them, therefore, close storage box is the best to keep our house nicer