Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Resepi Kuah Kacang

Yesterday, my mother in law ask me to make Kuah Kacang for Hari Raya. Oh my god. I never ever cook kuah kacang, a tradisional food for Malay.

I ask my friend who is good in preparing Kuah Kacang. Here is the recipe.. A very simple but adorable.

10 garlic bulb
2 big onion
-----blend ingredient 1------

3/4 lemon grass
2 inch galangal
-----ambil air------

1 bowl of blended chilli
1 dark brown sugar 
1 roasted peanut crumb


Saute ingredient 1, then add chilli. Fry them until crisp
Add 1 bowl water, sugar, peanut, salt